Michelle McLean- Bailey has been a professional speaker for over 20 years, and has hosted numerous international events, like the Global Forum, the World Economic Forum, Soccer World Cup, the Louis Vuitton Regatta and Opera at the Pyramids.

Michelle has spoken for virtually every top company, in North, Central and South America, Africa and Europe – companies include Investec, Puma, Fortune Magazine, MTV, Mercedes Benz, Red Bull, Ford Motors, Revlon, Volvo, UNICEF, and many, many more.

Her topic “Success Under Pressure” is based on personal experience of how she managed the constant pressure of traveling the world under relentless media scrutiny after receiving the coveted title, of the most beautiful women in the world,  then as a TV presenter for 20 years, always having to look attractive and say the right things, to running three businesses simultaneously, a real estate firm, a bespoke jewellery company and one of the largest non-profit organizations in Southern Africa, the Michelle McLean Children Trust. By using the 5 GREAT principles, Michelle has been able to not only deal with all these pressurized and stressful times in her life, but she was able to thrive under them.

She now enjoys speaking with her husband, Gary Bailey, who, as a former Manchester United and England Goalkeeper, also lived an incredibly pressurized life. Together they not only share their stories, and how they use the GREAT principles, but also how to make the principles a habit that will lead to lasting, and greater success.

You can count on Michelle, revered as one of the most beautiful women in the world, and who has dealt with a lifetime of the most intense media scrutiny, teach you how to thrive under pressure.


Michelle has officated many Woman’s events across the globe. Let her entertain you with her stories of her experiences as Miss Universe.





Born in Windhoek

Born in Namibia, then, South West Africa. Moved to Davenport, Iowa, U.S.A. where her father Athol studied Chiropractic at Palmer College, and mother, Annemarie worked to support them. Returned to Namibia in 1976.


Started modeling career

Michelle started her modeling career at 14 years and traveled Europe working, then went on to complete her schooling at Boston House College in Cape Town, South Africa in 1989.



After modeling in Madrid, Milan, Paris, Athens and Geneva for two years, Michelle returned to Namibia, entering the Miss Namibia competition and becoming the second woman after independence in 1990, to represent her country internationally as Miss Namibia, at the Miss Africa Pageant, and the Miss World Pageant, where she placed fourth.


Crowned Miss Universe

Michelle also represented Namibia at the Miss Universe Pageant where she won the coveted title of Miss Universe on the 10th May in Bangkok, Thailand. She established , The Michelle McLean Children Trust, a non for profit organization to raise funds for underprivileged children, with the first few dollars, after auctioning the car she won as Miss Namibia. After her title, and year- long intense appearance and travel schedule, she stayed in Los Angeles to study acting.


TV career

Working with the government of Namibia she was instrumental in securing the bid, and organizing the Miss Universe Pageant in Namibia. Michelle then moved to Johannesburg, South Africa that same year and began her television career at Mnet, spanning over 15 years, hosting and presenting numerous TV shows from travel, to e-commerce, music, fashion and showcasing celebrity homes. She was the face for international brand, Lux Lotion in 2004, as well as many other TV and radio endorsements, while managing a demanding Master of Ceremonies and professional speaking schedule.


Michelle McLean Children Trust

The Michelle McLean Children Trust has initiated and managed hundreds of projects over the last 24 years. Michelle established the Heart of a Child Foundation with the late Prof Chris Barnard (who performed the world’s first heart transplant) that saw 26 children with heart defects operated on. As a UNICEF Ambassador she also worked with Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu and SOS Children’s Villages in Southern Africa, and for many years, after meeting Nelson Mandela in 1992, helped raise funds for the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund.



Michelle’s son, Luke, was born on 18 May, her greatest gift and inspiration in life. ‘The feeling of unconditional love transcends all experiences I could ever have’


Founded Michelle McLean Primary School

Michelle McLean Primary School was built that provides education for over 900 children. Operation Snowball, Medical Bursaries, and the Michelle McLean School of Excellence, which provides entrepreneurial and financial skills training to learners, are a few of the projects established over this time.


Business career

The Michelle McLean Children Trust received a large donation from Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, and initiated and managed ten projects together with them. At the same time Michelle moved to Cape Town, became a Director at the Engel & Volkers Property Group (SA) and co-founded Donna Terra Fine Jewelry. Michelle also became a professional life coach. In 2007 formed the company Captivate Media, for on camera and public speaking training, and in 2008 she became a partner in BrandsRock, a Strategic Brands Communications company.


World Economic Forum

Michelle represented South Africa in Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum. Then again in 2010 to promote South Africa and the Soccer World Cup. Michelle also hosted an event for President Bill Clinton in Davos. 2010 Michelle hosted live broadcasts in India on YouTube and MTV Asia during the IPL/T20 cricket tournament, while also working with UNEP on its Green Campaign in India.


FIFA World Cup

Michelle hosted the FIFA World Cup Draw in December 2009 in South Africa on Super Sport, and then presented a lifestyle show throughout the FIFA World Cup in 2010. She was also involved in hosting and coordinating events during the FIFA World Cup, the most prominent being the Global Forum in Cape Town, during June 2010, in association with Fortune Magazine.


Married Gary Bailey

Married Gary Bailey former Manchester United Goalkeeper in 2013, then immigrated to the U.S.A  December of that year with their four children. Gary’s eldest daughter Lara, Jenna, his son Ross and Michelle’s son Luke.


Moved to USA - current

Michelle and Gary travel extensively presenting keynote talks and workshops as experts in the field, “of helping individuals and teams to learn to thrive under pressure and stress.”